Custom Event Solutions

Integrated Event Management System is the core of our solution. Find out, how we combine NFC technology in a unified users management system with custom results.


We provide a dedicated cloud-based solution. As a manufacturer of custom NFC solutions, we have possibilities to combine an integrated user management system with custom activities, which take your event to completely different level. We like to answer our customers’ needs, e.g. at business events networking is a very important activity for attendees. A lot of business cards are being exchanged and some might get lost. With our NFC technology, this whole process can be handled capably digitally.


You can use our event management system with some extra proven features, like:

  • guests communication system
  • mobile app compatible with Event Management System
  • dedicated 360 photos
  • digital business cards exchange
  • virtual DJ
  • digital polaroid photos

or tell us, what you need and we will find the solution.